August 04, 2015

pineapple stir-fry with coconut rice


I get excited when a recipe calls for coconut rice.  It is so much a favorite of mine that when I find a good recipe that includes it, I will make it multiple times.  In fact when my kids see the rice going in the rice cooker that is always their first question, "is that coconut rice!?", and when I say yes I am the best mom ever.  Come to think of it maybe I should make it daily!?;)  My second favorite part of this dish... the pineapple.  I am picky when it comes to mixing fruit into a dinner dish, so if I post one that means it was delicious!  The sweet fruit goes perfectly with the cool cilantro and fiery, red peppers!

As you can see the chicks are getting so big and work up quite an appetite after playing!!!  I can't wait to finish building the coop this weekend and then I will post some pictures.