getting started

The hard part to beginning anything is simply getting started.  Here are some pointers to make it easier:
  • Stop counting calories!  If you are eating the correct foods, in the right amounts, they are irrelevant.  There are plenty of zero calorie foods that have little to no nutritional value.  Here's a secret... most food/drink items that are marked zero to low calories have many added ingredients/chemicals that are dangerous to your body to make them zero to low calorie.  If they take the oil out, something must replace it!  Full fat is usually the healthier way to go!  Mind blown... read on!
  • Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients.  If you can't pronounce them you probably shouldn't be eating it. Our bodies weren't created to process all of those chemicals and therefore they are sent to the fat cells to be stored.  Our bodies will then create more fat cells when the ones we have are full, why some people can't seem to lose those extra pounds no matter how much they workout! 
  • Shop primarily around the edge of the grocery store.  Along the edges are where your fresh foods are located.  If you head to the middle of the store, buy organic when possible.  These products have a shelf life and you want as few chemical preservatives as possible in your diet.
  • Weight loss is 80% the food you eat and ONLY 20% exercise!
  • Healthy eating is not a diet, it is a lifestyle.
  • Fat is NOT the enemy!  Preservatives, pesticides, GMO's, growth hormones, and chemicals are what is holding you back!  Read your labels... pay attention to what is in your food and not the marketing.  Companies want to sell their product not make you healthy!
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